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Clueless on where to start, despite all your wedding planning checklists? Welcome to The Venlist!
Want to have your micro-wedding, elopement, or traditional wedding planned out for you? Prefer to
meet up with a virtual wedding planner who can help you keep control of the entire process?
Simply want a coordinator for your big day? The Venlist has an option especially for you. We’re all
about being accessible and affordable while meeting our wonderful couples in the middle.

With The Venlist, wedding planning is about to get a little (ok, a lot) easier.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, lost, or drowned in information. From your wedding planning timeline to the moment you say I do – and beyond – our priority is to make your special day feel like a dream come true.

Online Wedding Planning

Our story

Welcome to The Venlist! Planning a wedding is not easy! Trust me, we know! At The Venlist, we are all about making wedding planning easy. We have crafted so pretty darn amazing wedding planning services to help all busy engaged couples out there!


Virtual Wedding Planning

Feeling rushed and inundated trying to get vendors in place? Need a flexible wedding planner without losing control? Introducing your virtual wedding planning partner! Have fun preparing to tie the knot (without getting tied into knots) thanks to a professional coordinator on you side. We know that hiring a full-service planner doesn’t fit every couple’s needs or budgets, which is why our most popular option is the virtual wedding planner package. You don’t need a celeb wedding budget with The Venlist – we’ll take over all the stressful details for a marriage made in Kleinfeld.

Wedding Vendor Hunting

Overseas, swamped at work, or just struggling to find the right vendors? Why not partner with professionals who know the industry inside out and can connect you with vendors that are trustworthy, high-quality, and aligned with your wedding vision? That’s us, if you were wondering. We know a guy who knows a guy. Working within your budget and dreams, we’ll help you work through your wedding planning checklist by putting together a vetted list of reputable vendors for your special day. Using The Venlist’s vendor hunting service will save you minutes, money, and a massive migraine.

Day Of Wedding Coordination

Feeling confident about your wedding planning leading up to the day, but looking for someone to keep everyone on schedule and everything running smoothly? Our flexible wedding planning coordinator option proves you don’t need to order a full package to have an organized professional keeping things ticking along smoothly in the background! A coordinator on the day allows you to be fully present and relax in your new roles as bride and groom, while feeling secure that not a single detail will go awry. Our day-of wedding coordinators are available in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

All Inclusive Wedding Package

An all-inclusive package for those looking for a completely stressfree elopement that’s organized from A to Z – without having to pawn the ring to pay for it! We’ve partnered up with Red Carpet Events to offer an unforgettable micro or macro destination elopement in Bermuda. Every need, dream, and wish can and will come true with this all-inclusive package.
All you need to do is suit up, show up, and enjoy the celebration of your relationship. You can leave the pre- and post-wedding arrangements to the online wedding planning pros at The Venlist.

Wedding Planning Can be Super Stressful

Get to know a little more about How The Venlist Can Help You On Your Wedding Planning Journey!


At The Venlist, we are all about making wedding planning easy and economically friendly. Our crafted wedding planning services put you in control of your wedding planning experience.


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