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family portraits

Filling your walls and remind you of life's sweetest seasons?


Regardless of the season you’re in, and whether your babies are big, small or furry,

this time in your life deserves to be captured by something other than your iPhone. Family sessions were born from past wedding couples asking us to document their growing families and now we just can’t get enough!

We love creating photos to remind families that in spite of the fact that the car of their floor is covered in cereal, their laundry room looks like an episode of hoarders and mom and dad are in a permanent state of exhaustion, their love and their story are beautiful.

So let’s plan a day, pick a location that is meaningful to you and create a slew of images that will fill up the frames your walls for years to come.

Billings, Montana Senior Portrait Session


Bahamas Senior Photos - Michaela

Virginia Beach, VA Maternity - Allie & Chad

Oahu, Hawaii Newborn - G Family

Downtown Charlottesville Senior - Taylor

Charleston Engagement- Amy

Oahu, Hawaii Senior Photos - Maria


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Session fees vary by your location, but on average, a fee begins at $725. After the initial fee, images are available in different bundles.

Upon inquiry, we’ll schedule a call to help find the best option for your family.

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What happens if it rains?


No one wants to look like a wet dog in their photos so if it looks like it’s going to rain, snow, hail or some other weather catastrophe, we’ll be in touch via email or phone to reschedule. Often, when we’re scheduling our initial portrait session date, if it works for our calendars, we’ll actually set up both a main date and a rain date just to make sure we don’t have to postpone your session for very long if the weather is bad on the original date.


How far in advance should we book?


The sooner the better! Our weekends tend to fill up pretty quickly – especially during the spring and fall, so the sooner you reach out to us, the more likely you are to get your desired date!

To reserve your date, we’ll need a contract as well as a deposit. And if something comes up and you need to change your date, just let us know!


What should we wear?


If picking out outfits for photos takes you back to your high school days when you literally tried on everything in your closet and piled it on your bed but still felt like you had nothing to wear, you’re in luck. We put together an extensive outfit suggestion guide with tips for every member of the family (even Fido!)


What if we’re awkward and my kids don’t sit still?


Unless you’ve modeled professionally, you’re probably going to feel awkward in front of the camera. Heck, we take photos for a living and we even feel like a deer in the headlights when we’re in front of the camera.

You’re going to feel awkward at first, but as the session goes on and we coach you through images, we think you’ll find that being photographed can actually be fun. And don’t worry about your kids. We’re well versed in capturing even the busiest of little ones.



Stress Free Wedding Day

A lot of moving pieces go into finding the perfect wedding venue and we know it’s easy to feel like a hot mess! Grab our free venue questions guide to help locate your perfect wedding venue.