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Virtual Wedding Planner- Why to Hire One

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Life is busier than ever, and wedding planning can certainly make life even more hectic. Most wedding planning stress could be resolved by hiring a wedding planner; however, this service typically comes with a high price tag. As a result, many couples ditch a full-service wedding planner and take on the added stress of wedding planning. Now, virtual wedding planner services have become available for a fraction of the cost. A virtual wedding planner essentially handles all wedding tasks a traditional wedding planner would manage minus Day-of-wedding execution. These tasks include creating and managing a wedding budget, wedding timeline, wedding design, vendor research, RSVP follow-ups, etc. If you are a bride or groom that does not have the time to wedding plan, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a virtual wedding planner.

1. Virtual wedding planners are experts

Virtual wedding planners are wedding experts. Many couples enter wedding planning with a blind eye. As a result, some weddings do not go as planned. Unfortunately, planning a beautiful wedding can be trickier than just finding the perfect wedding venue. It is crucial to understand the intricacies of planning a wedding to avoid any legal, logistics, and budget issues during your big day. A virtual wedding planner can assist with looking over vendor contracts, managing your overall wedding budget, crafting a beautiful wedding design, customizing your wedding timeline. Also, they can connect you with amazing wedding vendors that you may not be able to locate. Furthermore, virtual wedding planners can ask vendors hard questions that you may not consider asking.

2. They will make your vision into a reality

If you have an idea of what you want out of your wedding day, the right virtual wedding planner can make that idea a reality. A virtual wedding planner will build out your vision and find the right vendors to make everything come together flawlessly. Therefore, by hiring a virtual wedding planner, you save yourself added stress.

3. You receive a customized wedding planning experience

Every engaged couple has different wedding needs. Depending on how far the engaged couples are on their wedding planning journey, some need more help than others. A virtual wedding planner can provide customized assistance depending on where you are in the wedding planning process. There are many wedding planning tools out there that assist with wedding planning, however, couples trade the personal one-on-one assistance that you would get from working with a traditional wedding planner for software. The bonus perk about booking a virtual wedding planning professional is that you get to work with an actual person. Additionally, they can provide a more customizable wedding planning approach than any software could ever provide.

4. Reduces Stress

Planning a wedding can be a major stress factor for engaged couples. Wedding planning stress can also create unnecessary strife between engaged couples. Stress from wedding planning can be easily lessened through the help of a virtual wedding planner. While hiring a virtual wedding planner may be a small investment, it will provide you with peace of mind at the end of the day.

5. It is budget-friendly

Hiring a wedding planner to handle wedding planning from start to finish can cost a small fortune. Traditional wedding planners charge anywhere from $4000 and above for full-service wedding planning. As a result, many couples either opt out of hiring a wedding planner or just hire a day-of-wedding coordinator due to the price tag. A virtual wedding planner is a very affordable option for brides and grooms that want the reap the benefits of having a traditional wedding planner without the astronomical price tag.

In conclusion, your wedding day is a milestone that should run smoothly and be everything you envisioned. At The Venlist, we are here to ease wedding planning stress through our virtual wedding planning packages. We are all about providing cost-effective wedding planning solutions to help you enjoy your wedding planning journey.

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