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How to Book an Amazing Wedding Photographer and Save Money

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No wedding is complete without an amazing wedding photographer to capture the memory! Most people want at least one amazing, sharp, high-quality photo of a special moment to talk about years later. The brutal fact is amazing wedding photography typically carries an expensive price tag. According to Value Penguin, many newlyweds spent between $2,095 and $2,556 on average for wedding photography.

Many wedding elements like invitations and favors are easy areas to DIY, however, photography is not one of them. Even professional photographers rarely shoot their own weddings. Hence, hiring an amazing professional wedding photographer to capture your wedding and leaving the amateurs aside is the way to go- Trust us! If you are looking for ways to save on wedding photography without forgoing quality, follow these few tricks.

1. Make sure to book a wedding photographer early.

Booking a photographer should be one of the top priorities on your wedding planning “to do” list. It is very difficult to find amazing wedding photographers at an affordable price the longer you wait. Opt for booking your photography right after booking your wedding venue. If you start your photography search early, the options expand significantly. On the contrary, booking late leads to a limited pool of photographers that could be charging a hefty price.

2. Consider getting married during an Off-Peak time.

Many couples book their weddings on a Saturday and/or during popular wedding seasons like summer and fall. If you are flexible, consider having your wedding during an off-peak time like a Friday or Sunday in January. Couples getting married during an off-peak time benefit from lower rates with photographers since the business is slower. According to Money Crashers, if you decide to have a weekday wedding (Monday-Thursday), you could potentially save 10% to 15% off the final photography bill. Some photographers may refuse but it never hurts to ask.

3. Find a flexible wedding photographer within your budget.

Make sure to hire a wedding photographer that is within or below your price point that is happy to provide great wedding coverage options for your big day. There are plenty of excellent photographers that offer customized wedding packages that suit your needs and price point.

Before booking a wedding photographer, engaged couples should plot out any “must-have” wedding photos in advance. This allows couples to use their wedding budget efficiently and avoid booking extra photography hours.

4. Get people on the dance floor earlier, and do not wait to cut the cake.

 Many couples love a few professional candid shots of their guest out on the dance floor. To maximize booked wedding photographer hours, get the dancing started as soon as cocktail hour ends, instead of postponing the dancing fun until after the main meal and speeches. This is a great way to book fewer wedding photography hours and get the fun wedding reception vibes started. Plus, a great DJ or band would be obliged to get the party started early!

If cutting the wedding cake is a “must-have” photo, then do not wait to cut the cake! Many couples wait to cut the cake hours after the main meal and speeches. When the cake is cut immediately after the main meal, it lessens the number of photography hours spent at the wedding reception.

5. Consider hiring a rising wedding photographer.

There are many amazing new wedding photographers on the scene waiting for the perfect couple to capture. Engaged couples can save tons of money by hiring a rising wedding photography talent. Not only do they come at a more affordable rate, but they may also be more attentive to your wedding photography needs. A new wedding photographer understands the importance of a happy client and excellent service ratings. Make sure to look at check out Upwork or hire a wedding vendor professional to find amazing rising Wedding Photography talent.

6. Hire someone local.

Another great way to reduce wedding photography costs is to hire someone locally. When hiring someone locally, you avoid travel fees. Wedding Photography Travel fees equate to additional money being added bill. Depending on where the photographer is traveling from, you could potentially spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars getting that photographer to your wedding. If you are getting married in an area or town where good wedding photographers are scarce, try hiring a photographer in the nearest metropolitan cities.

7. Get married and have the reception at the same venue.

Getting married and having your reception in a different location could potentially increase photography prices. To avoid losing precious photography hours because of traveling to various wedding locations, consider having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue.

8. Ask for digital images only.

Instead of buying prints and wedding albums directly from your photographer, ask for digital images only unless the album is included in your wedding photography package. We have transitioned into an era of sending wedding photos via email to friends and family members or sharing via social media. Plus, if we want a wedding album or prints, we can create our own wedding albums or prints through handy platforms like Shutterfly or Artifact Uprising for an affordable.

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